IPSW provides a vibrant platform for the youth and professionals to showcase their talents and become an integral part of the election and campaign process in India. IPSW brings together the brightest minds and world-class experts from various walks of life in order to provide them an opportunity to participate in the Indian political system on one hand and also a chance to work with renowned politicians and political parties across the nation on the other. It also ensures that their mental, creative, and on-field effort yields fruitful results for our clients. Our services are un-matched, and we have got the know-how, both technical and traditional ones to help our clients in every capacity and under every circumstance. In the last two plus years we have expanded our work across the country in states such as Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Delhi, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana helping and empowering 40+ MLA and MP candidates in facing their toughest electoral battles and emerging victorious.


Our chief strategist is our founder, Jayavardhanan, a young, energetic, and dynamic person whose great thinking, passion and knowledge about Indian politics has led to the creation of IPSW. He passionately believes in revolutionizing election campaigning and political strategizing in India and wants IPSW to be the new face of Indian political campaigns. He brings deep understanding of the various issues facing his clients. He believes that politics is a great platform for the youth, and it creates career opportunities for them.

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Our Services

Whether be it the General-election, respective State-assembly elections or even the by-polls, we provide our unique political services and strategies to both individual candidates and political parties. Our IPSW team and our political workforce spread across each constituency and assembly-segments are always prepared and field-ready to jump into the action to serve you.

We identify your voters, build the momentum, craft the right messages, brand, market and position them among the right voters, put the accurate strategies in place and achieve the required results for you.

One of IPSW's strength is embedded in the efficient election and campaign management of each constituency. No two constituencies can have the same political need and game-plan. In the upcoming Tamilnadu state legislative assembly elections, the fight for each assembly constituency across the state will be multi-cornered and it would require heavy political strategising that is exclusively created for each constituency... Read more
We are experts at building movements by engaging grassroots supporters, party-workers, donors, coalitions at local level and partners. A movement cannot be ignored, and it helps create the required political momentum that the candidate or the political party needs. IPSW and its workforce helps you to connect and engage your cause to the causes of those who can act as your... Read more
We want our clients to have a data driven and data oriented political campaign. Therefore, by using our advanced software tools for profiling we ensure that our clients have their results. Our database is unique and based on various demographics and compositions. If you are already our client, log on to your dedicated dashboard to see the project’s progress... Read more
IPSW uses a mixture of inbound and outbound election marketing techniques. Inbound election marketing creates and improves the awareness, attracts, and helps in bringing new votes and also the competitors votes into your vote bank. IPSW's inbound election marketing techniques helps you and your party to reach out to mass voters in the constituency in quick time. These marketing technique aims... Read more
Some candidates maybe a first timer in the general election and some candidates maybe a two, three, five time or even more experienced in terms of election participation. No matter whom it is their stories need to be told to the mass-voters. A story here refers to anything and everything that’s worth advertising and marketing. A story can be a message... Read more
With the increased internet usage among youth and adults, the rural and urban sections of voters, IPSW aims at connecting you with general public on the digital and social media platforms during your busy schedule and course of election campaign as well as after the elections. With most people spending a significant portion of the days' time on the internet, it is... Read more
Politics is always like standing at the edge of a bridge. One’s reputation can be brought down in no time by political opponents or even because one's own behaviour, error, or mistake. We have seen a long list of famous political figures and personalities get embarrassed and become politically sidelined due to their very own actions, mistakes, errors, miscommunication, misinterpretation, and... Read more
Our professional experts at content and creativity come up with great marketing strategy with the use of right choice of words, phrases to be used in both political speeches, campaign rallies as well as in online blogs, web pages, digital and social media posts. Great content and out of the box creativity go hand in hand and this enhances your prospects... Read more


Various Teams At IPSW

Data Analytics Team

The data analytics team at IPSW is the backbone of the organisation. The team consists of highly passionate and motivated individuals who come from different walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

Associate Political Strategists Team

These are our core political strategists who work with our reputed clients closely and execute the strategies crafted for the candidate along with other dedicated members.

Campaign Management Team

The Campaign Management Team at IPSW is a cluster of individuals who are political enthusiasts and have strong backgrounds in management, organisational and leadership avenues. They are the Heads of campaign management (HCM) for each constituency.

Branding And Promotion Strategists Team

The Branding and Promotion team consists of vibrant members who specialise in the creation and promotion of brands to market our client’s stories among the mass voters in their constituency and area of concern.

Reputation And Crisis Management Team

The Reputation and Crisis Management Team of IPSW is a group of sharp and witty thinkers who work with reputed politicians and political parties from time to time in order to avoid any embarrassment or mishaps that could harm and damage their image.

Digital And Social Media Strategists Team

Delivering ideas and solutions that improve the reach and effectiveness for online campaigns, websites, and various social media platforms of our clients.

Inbound And Outbound Election Marketing Team

The inbound and outbound election marketing teams are equally important teams as the digital and social media team at the IPSW organisation.

Information Forwarding Team

The Information forwarding team is a collection of sharp, passionate, and responsible activists in the IPSW organisation who deal with the procurement and forwarding of information/data.

Content and Creation Strategy Team

The Content and Creation Strategy team consists of individuals who have great political acumen and knowledge of the Indian democracy and elections. They create valuable content for blogs, speeches, digital and social media posts.


IPSW is a platform for the youth and professionals to unleash their talent and skills at the optimum level. It provides an opportunity to be an integral part of the Indian election and campaign process as well as a chance to work with renowned politicians and political parties across India.

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