About insight political strategists and workforce (IPSW)

(IPSW is the abbreviation for Insight Political Strategists and Workforce)

IPSW is a vibrant platform for the youth, professionals and political enthusiasts to showcase their talents and become an integral part of the election and campaign process in India. IPSW is a dynamic political consulting and political marketing agency. IPSW is a strategy-oriented and tech-savvy political agency with all the required tools needed to plan and execute political campaigns at scale across the nation and across all party lines.

IPSW through its various political campaign/program initiates aims to provide opportunities for the youth to take up active political and campaigning activities to enable them earn their political recognition. Its main objective is to voice out the public aspirations and ensures that these aspirations are met through electing able leaders to hold public offices that can represent them in an inclusive and effective manner.

IPSW is not confined/affiliated to any national/regional party/parties. IPSW works with individual candidates as well as political parties across the country/states. It aims to ensure and highlight that the objectives, ethics, culture, and ideology of each political party/candidate that it works with is respected with great sincerity and treats them as values as its own whenever needed.

About IPSW's Workforce

IPSW aims and strives to create an organized political movement comprising of young minds, political enthusiasts, individuals with political ambitions, individuals with leadership/organizational abilities from each Parliamentary/Assembly Constituency in order to enable them to work as a team/group for their respective constituency and its development. IPSW identifies and groups talented individuals into a team that will take up the highly anticipated election campaigns for candidates in the upcoming 2019 Loksabha elections and the state assembly elections (Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Sikkim) and the respective state elections that follow later on. The Workforce is purely on voluntary basis. IPSW provides ideas, promotional/advertising materials, campaign strategies as well as technological and technical support to the members/volunteers of the workforce during an election/campaign.

About 'My Constituency My Pride' campaign

‘My Constituency My Pride’ is a vibrant initiate of Insight Political Strategists & Workforce (IPSW) for the upcoming 2019 Loksabha elections. Its main aim is to provide political recognition as well as to give political campaigning and strategizing experience to the youth and its volunteers. You along with a set of talented individuals from your constituency/neighborhood would campaign for a particular candidate/political party with the strategies, technology provided by the IPSW management and we as a team ensure that fruitful results are achieved. IPSW and you as a team from your constituency along with your friends/family/colleagues/etc. can have the opportunity to get politically recognized. IPSW being a pioneer in providing political strategies and political marketing services ties up with a particular individual candidate/political party in each constituency for the upcoming 2019 Loksabha elections and it strives to help them in achieving the best result/outcome.

As a volunteer of the ‘My Constituency My Pride’ campaign initiative you can

  • Be an active member in bringing about a change or creating a change in the political process and discussion in your constituency and in the country.
  • An opportunity to work with renowned politicians and political parties across the nation.
  • Be an active member in the decision-making process of the IPSW’s campaign initiatives.
  • To gain political recognition and political experience.
    Become eligible for IPSW’s various employment opportunities & internships.
  • Become recognized easily with the help of the IPSW brand and be recruited by popular leaders and political parties.

You can become a volunteer of the ‘My Constituency My Pride’ campaign by filling up the registration form on our website or use the link www.myconstituencymypride.in

As a volunteer you will share the objectives and needs of your constituency by electing able leaders to public offices. You along with a set of talented campaigners and on -field personnel will campaign/canvass and share the vision of leaders and political parties under the guidance and supervision of IPSW. As a volunteer you will be given responsibilities of campaign activities, on-ground preparedness, leadership roles, and organizational roles which not only brings about political recognition but also opportunities that can shape your political career. The entire campaign activities are on voluntary basis and as per your interests and convenience.

As a volunteer of ‘My Constituency My Pride’ campaign initiative you can spread the idea of this vibrant platform among your friends, family, colleagues etc.