About IPSW

IPSW, is a platform for the youth and professionals to unleash their talents and skills at the optimum level.It provides an opportunity to be an intergal part of the Indian election and campaign process and work with renowned politicians and political parties.The work environment at IPSW promises job satisfaction, creativity, personal development, better career opportunities as well as a stable financial package.

Job Openings

Data Analytics Team

The data analytics team at IPSW is the backbone of the organization. The team consists of highly passionate and motivated individuals who come from different walks of life and cultural backgrounds.
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Information Forwarding Team

The Information forwarding team is a collection of sharp, passionate and responsible activists in the IPSW organization.

Associate Political Strategists Team

IPSW provides a golden opportunity for the youth and professionals with political strategizing experience to come and join the Associate Political Strategists Team.

Digital and Social Media Strategists Team

Delivering ideas and solutions that improve the reach and effectiveness for online campaigns, websites and social media platforms for each client

Inbound and Outbound Election Marketing Team

The inbound election marketing team is an equally important team as the digital and social media team at the IPSW organization.

Branding and Promotion Strategists Team

The Branding and Promotion team consists of vibrant members who specialize in creation and promotion of brands in order to market our client’s stories among the mass voters in their constituency.

Reputation and Crisis Management Team

The Reputation and Crisis Management Team at IPSW is a group of sharp and witty thinkers who work with reputed politicians and political parties

Campaign Management Team

The Campaign Management Team at IPSW is a cluster of individuals who are political enthusiasts and have strong backgrounds in management, organization and leadership avenues.


IPSW provides an unique opportunity for students and graduates to come and learn the art of political strategizing and political marketing the summer.

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Insight Political Strategists and Workforce Private Limited(IPSW) is an equal opportunities employer. All applicants are considered without any regard to race, colour, religion, caste, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status or any other discriminatory factors forbidden by law.

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