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Whether be it the General-election, State-assembly elections, local-body elections or even the bypolls, we provide our unique political services and strategies to both individual candidates and political parties.Our IPSW team and our political workforce spread across each constituency and assembly-segments are always prepared and field-ready to jump into the action to serve its clients.

We identify your voters, build the momentum, craft the right messages, brand, market and position them among the right voters, put the accurate strategies in place and achieve the required results for our clients.

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Constituency-Centric Political Strategies

One of IPSW's strength is embedded in the efficient election and campaign management of each constituency. No two constituencies can have the same political need and game-plan. In the upcoming General-elections, the fight for each Lok-Sabha constituency across the country will be multi-cornered and it would require heavy political strategizing that is exclusively created for each constituency.

IPSW, which consists of visionary political strategists and dedicated workforce ties up with a candidate or a political party or any interested player for each constituency and works relentlessly to achieve the desired results of its clients. IPSW, through its trained ground workforce that is present in place across each constituency/assembly/booth is field-ready to take on active campaigning and constituency management for its reputed clients.

  • On-ground and digital campaigning across the constituency would be based on a theme/set of themes. Theme would be based on micro-level economic, social and financial issues and solutions. It would be created and runned keeping in mind our candidate's or political party’s objectives and agenda.
  • Unique slogans will be created, branded and marketed for each candidate in their respective constituency both on-ground and digitally.


We are experts at building movements by engaging grassroots supporters, party-workers, donors, coalitions at local level and partners. A movement cannot be ignored and it helps create the required political momentum that the candidate or the political party needs. IPSW and its workforce help its clients to connect and engage their cause to the causes of those who can act as your most valuable supporters. IPSW's movement building political services helps the candidate's campaign in that particular constituency to become larger, popular and most importantly engaging on the ground as well as digitally.

  • Grassroots and Grass-tops Activation
  • Donor Engagement
  • Coalition Building
  • IPSW's unique Door to Door campaign using our ready to engage ground workforce spread across each constituency/assembly segments/booth
  • The "Guardian Angel" Campaign package – This is a unique campaign service provided by IPSW. It's the 15 day campaign service that ensures the 2-3% voters swing in the candidate's favour.

Constituency and Voter-base Profiling

We want our clients to have a data driven and data oriented political campaign. Therefore, by using our advanced software tools for profiling we ensure that our clients have their results. Our database is unique and based on various demographics and compositions.

Micro-Voter Targeting

IPSW's Micro Voter Targeting is a technique that is used to address individual voters with tailor made messages based on each of their beliefs, backgrounds, concerns, attitudes and opinions. It is a unique and personalized form of political advertising and voter drawing. This service enables our clients to grow their voter base, mobilize voters, increase voter turnout and other favorable aspects are associated with this service. Voter Portability is our new add-on service that is being introduced by IPSW for the first time in India.

Inbound and Outbound Election Marketing

Inbound Election Marketing:

IPSW uses a mixture of inbound and outbound election marketing techniques. Inbound election marketing creates and improves the awareness, attracts and helps in bringing new votes and also the competitors votes into our client's vote bank. IPSW's inbound election marketing techniques helps its clients to reach out to mass voters in the constituency. These marketing technique aims to create impactful and sustainable positive opinions, word of mouth, reviews and reactions about our clients among the mass voters in their constituency. Another main objective behind our inbound election marketing strategy in drawing the voters' closer to our clients or bringing the voters closer and in favour of our clients.

  • Creating and spreading of attractive informative messages, e-brochures, blogs, banners, videos, speeches, e-pamphlets, e-manifesto for our clients among the mass voters and among mobile phones, tablets and desktop users
  • Aggressive search optimization of our client's political identity, political brand and political activities to target vote bank
  • Creation and maintenance of candidate’s websites and other social media profiles
  • Data Mining

Outbound Election Marketing:

As mentioned earlier, IPSW uses the right mixture of inbound and outbound election marketing to achieve desired results. Outbound marketing techniques play an important role in election campaigning and canvassing in India. IPSW uses influencer marketing, radio events, radio speeches, print media, as well as the traditional methods of installing flags, speakers and banners to reach out to the voters. Our new 3D format of campaigning is also available in order to reach out to target voters in the constituency.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

With the increased internet usage among youth and adults, the rural and urban sections of voters, IPSW aims at connecting its clients with general public on the digital and social media platforms. With most people spending a significant portion of the days' time on the internet, it is also necessary and IPSW ensures that our valuable clients meet, engage and connect with their valuable voters at various digital and social media platforms. Our digital and social media team does the creation, maintenance, daily-updates, constant voter-engagements, increasing digital and social media visibility for its clients during the campaign period as well as after the elections.

Political Brand Positioning Strategies

Some candidates maybe a first timer in the general election and some candidates maybe a two, three, five time or even more experienced in terms of election participation. No matter whom it is their stories need to be told to the mass-voters. A story here refers to anything and everything that’s worth advertising and marketing. A story can be a message, a speech, a name, an identity, a political party's achievement, a candidate's achievement, goodwill, capabilities, promises, etc. However, the common voters would not want to waste their precious time listening, thinking and going through the stories of every single candidate from his or her constituency. This is where IPSW's Political Brand Positioning Strategies comes into play. Stories gain significance, trust, loyalty and popularity only when they are said to the voters as a brand, i.e. the candidate's or the party's brand. For each of our client we create their own brand and then tell their stories to the mass voters so that it helps in achieving the desired results. In this way, the stories of our clients are sustained in the minds and hearts of the people in their constituencies.

  • Political Brand Platform – A thorough report and analysis of our competitor's story's strengths and weaknesses
  • Political Brand Insight – Research and analysis among the voters in order to create a unique political brand
  • Customized Brand Positioning Strategies
  • Political Brand Advocacy
  • Political Brand Activation – With all the above services we ensure that our client's political story reaches the right voter at the right place and at the right time.

Reputation and Crisis Management

Politics is always like standing at the edge of a bridge. One’s reputation can be brought down in no time by political opponents or even due to one's own behavior, error or mistake. We have seen a long list of famous political figures and personalities get embarrassed and become politically sidelined due to their very own actions, mistakes, errors, miscommunication, misinterpretation, and wrong choice of words, signals to the general public or even during a meeting.
This is also amicable in the modern era of digital and social media where a wrong tweet or even wrong content can cause great damage to a politician's or the candidate's political career. Thus, IPSW manages the on-field as well as the online reputation and crisis part of the politician/political party during the campaign as well as after the elections.

Content and Creation Strategy

Our professional experts at content and creativity come up with great marketing strategy with the use of right choice of words, phrases to be used in both political speeches, campaign rallies as well as in online blogs, web pages, digital and social media posts. Great content and out of the box creativity go hand in hand and this enhances our client’s prospects. The contents are created after thorough ground level feedbacks, analysis and surveys. The unique political phrases and speeches created by IPSW for its reputed clients are spread and popularized at the ground level through its political workforce stationed across each constituency. There are various other important services or rather political necessities that are effectively and efficiently carried out by IPSW and its political workforce for its valuable clients across India.

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